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Call us for any questions


Potenza Technology

What we do


Potenza provides smart building packages starting from MEP structures passing through security systems to the life safety solutions.

  • - Lighting & Power
  • - Water supply & sewage system
  • - Fire fighting
  • - HVAC/AC
  • - Light current systems
  • - CCTV
  • - Intrusion systems
  • - Dimming systems

Power Distribution

Potenza has more than 11 years of experience in the energy fields, we provide renewable energy solutions. In addition to LV/MV distribution contracts on EPC basis

  • - Solar Panels
  • - Evacuated tube collector (ETC)
  • - Cable Raceway
  • - LV/MV Transformers
  • - UPS & Batteries

IT Infrastructure

Potenza provides Health Check on existing systems in order to recognize gaps and how to overcome it and depending on customer requirements, Potenza provides optimal proposals as per customer budget. We implements new data center or an upgrade on the existing one on EPC Basis. Potenza offers a Job training, after sale support. knowing that we also integrate IT infrastructure with other systems such as Electromechanical and security systems to provide a complete solution.

  • - Software Infrastructure
  • - Hardware Infrastructure

Business Solutions

Potenza Business Solutions LOB offers Project Management System (PMS) Software, which is essential for all the projects managers.

  • - Simple user interface and professional Reports
  • - Customized structure as per the customer requirements
  • - Oracle Based software